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Foum zguid Desert Tour

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Welcome to Foum Zguid Desert Tours, where every journey enriches not just your soul but the lives of the local tribes in Morocco's Lake Iriki region.

Founded by Mustafa Elayadi, Foum Zguid Desert Tours is more than a travel agency; it's a conduit for cultural preservation and community empowerment. After completing studies, our founder was impassioned by the ethereal beauty and cultural heritage of Lake Iriki. The agency emerged from a desire to showcase this beauty to the world while uplifting the local desert tribes.

At Foum Zguid Desert Tours, we don't merely offer tours; we curate experiences that foster connections and make a difference. We treat our guests like family, inviting them to immerse themselves in the heart of our culture. Our goal is to provide an authentic journey, unveiling the daily lives, customs, and traditions of the local desert tribes.

Located in the center of Foum Zguid, our agency designs tours and excursions in the desert that reveal the raw beauty and cul...

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What activities can a tourist do in Foum Zguid?

Foum Zguid DesertTour


Foum Zguid Desert Camel Trekking


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Foum Zguid to Lake Iriki desert


Foum Zguid Sahara desert


Foum Zguid Guide


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